RIP Butler Shaffer

I only met Butler once. It was on one of those fine California fall days that made you forget that the gold in the Golden State was a thin veneer over a decaying lead core. I had read Butler’s many posts on Lew Rockwell’s blog over the years and was excited to meet the man in person at the round table event of the Mises Institute. I first encountered him buying his book “Boundaries of Order” and then a few minutes in person during the breaks. This led to us striking up several email conversations after that. The thing I most took away from him was his intelligent use of the Socratic method, which is not only useful in the law classrooms he taught in, but also in real life to ‘see through’ illogic, government obfuscation, and the miasma of modernity. I found him not only whip smart, but gracious as well. Rest in peace Butler.

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