Moral Injury and PTSD Co-Morbidity

This author starts out by, correctly in my opinion, defining moral injury as separate from PTSD. But later insinuates that moral injury sits on top of PTSD. I find that curious. It implies that moral injury does not stand on its own . Take, for instance, the case of a veteran who, post war, questions the validity of war itself. That veteran may have never served in a conflict zone, Thus they may never have been exposed to a traumatic event that would lead to a classic PTSD stressor. What are we to make of this veteran? Simply turn them away? I would hope not.

The second divergence with the author is concerning treating moral injury with EMDR. I find this modality effective with PTSD, not moral injury. Why? Because I don’t feel that soul anguish, a defining feature of moral injury, can be rewired away. It takes introspection.

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