End of Life & Moral Injury

The Maine Hospice Council has received a grant to give trauma informed (including Moral Injury as a separate category from PTSD) end of life treatment. Says there press release:

The TIC grant will offer additional tools and insights into the unique needs of Veterans who have experienced trauma and the lifelong impact that can have on the Veteran and his/her family.

Many aspects of trauma surface during an end of life journey, often with ramifications for symptom management, according to MHC. Knowing a patient’s history of trauma can often lead to a more effective care plan.


I’m heartened that Moral Injury now seems to be gaining recognition within VA. Although the article points out that many or most veterans never enroll in VA health system, almost every veteran who is out of the military (left or retired) that seeks therapy or mental health services, has done so through the auspices of VA, particularly those with debilitating disabilities that impact their ability to hold a job, learn a trade, or attend college. This is an important first step to getting moral injury classified as a valid disability worthy of compensation/medical retirement.

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